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Jewellery Designs : Famous Designers in Mumbai, India.
Jewellery Designers in Mumbai India.

Welcome to Jewellery Designs:

Jewellery design is the skill or business of producing, crafting, formulating, or depicting designs for jewellery. Jewellery designing is an art of transforming the vision and design into jewellery. The process involves complex detailed work which requires an inherent inspiration to create artistic jewellery that makes the jewel significant than the rest.

Jewellery design has opened a productive career option for the today's youth. This is because the fashion world is ruling human minds with its magical spell. The fashion industry is getting bigger while establishing its own position in the international market. Jewellery design is also an integral part of fashion industry that has grown remarkably, giving financial success and glamour to the younger generation.

May it be people of ancient period or today’s generation, jewels and ornaments have always been a symbol of prosperity and style. The ornaments that were used during old days were been made from copper, brass, gold and silver. Also, these jewels used to be flashy and huge. Moreover, the designs used to be common in appearance. Gone are the days when people used to have accessories or jewellery of common appearance and designs. This is where the job of a jewellery designer comes into picture. The designer employs his skills in making unique designs so as to improve the quality and appearance of the accessories.

Jewellery designing proficiency is used in many forms such as formal jewellery, spiritual jewellery, casual jewellery, evening wear jewellery, bridal jewellery, stone jewellery, metal jewellery and so on.

Different types of Jewellery design courses:
All dreams require the suitable means for their realisation. The jewellery design institutes aim at fulfilling such dreams and enhancing the skills of its students by imparting a high level of training to its students. There has been a tremendous increase in the demand for innovative designs over the past few years. In order to meet the rising demands for novel jewellery designs, plenty of fashion institutions are now offering different fashion expertise programs including jewellery design courses. The esteem of jewellery design courses can well be measured from the well-known craze of human beings for unique jewelleries. The career opportunities in jewellery design have led to the establishment of certain institutions that offer these courses absolutely.

A number of certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses are offered in Jewellery Design courses. Some of the institutes also provide computers aided courses. Most of these courses are for a short period of time and can easily be taken along with the other courses. In case you have the knowledge of Computer Aided Design (CAD), then you can apply for postgraduate courses as well.

Qualifications for Jewellery design courses:
It is a common belief that if you can't make jewellery, you can't design it. Hence, one needs to have some inborn talent, besides meeting the primary eligibility criteria, for successful completion of the course. You also need to have inherent qualities and creative eye for details and colours, passion for fashion and tech-friendly attitude



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